4 Golden Rules For Picking The Right Influencers.

In this blog we give you 4 golden rules for picking Influencers.

It is happening, you have decided to make an influencer marketing campaign for your brand or clients. It seems to be a piece of cake you simply choose a social media influencer you already know, send them some products and a few rules to follow. However, in reality, this can do more harm than good. Follow these quick tips.

  1. Understand the influencer’s niche

When choosing the right influencer, you need to pay attention to the industry that they represent and their connection to your brand or sector. For example, if you are planning an influencer campaign for some muscle recovery products, sporting influencers are almost certainly the best option to go for.

We recently ran a marketing campaign for our client ULTRAPURE Labs who released a Sports Gift Set. We matched them with real Irish Sporting influencers such as Aidan O’Shea, Andrew Porter and Lee Keegan.


2. Know the influencer’s audience.

There is always a story behind a number. Thoroughly check if an influencer’s audience overlaps with the desired target group for your brand. It may turn out that there are many fake or suspicious accounts following a particular influencer. It might also turn out that their audience is rather uninterested in the published content, which should be an immediate red flag.

It is also worth checking if and how the influencer interacts with their target group. If community management is rather non-existent on their account, and followers do not get involved in discussions, then engagement could be really low during your campaign with that influencer too.

3. Be genuine.

If you’ve done your research, you’ll identify the influencers whose brand values match yours. You’ve spent time looking at their content and working out why they will be a good fit, tell them. They may not have considered your business or product, but a little bit of explanation about your brand values can convince them to see the potential in the match, too.

Influencers work best when their own values match the values of your brand. If you follow influencers on YouTube or Instagram yourself, you can tell the difference between people who are just mentioning the advertiser for the cash and those who actually use and like the product. If you make a genuine connection with an influencer, he/she will genuinely connect your product or service to their audience.

4. Pay attention to influencer statistics

Say that you want to promote your new healthy food restaurant in Galway. You came up with the idea for a small influencer campaign. Would you go for a local influencer from that town who has only 1,800 followers on Instagram but knows every corner of the place, or would you rather choose a celebrity who has more than 50k followers but is from Dublin and is in love with fast food?

Unfortunately, there are still many people who would decide on the second option for the sake of the number of followers.

Influencer marketing is a tricky beast. Many marketers look at an influencer’s following base without evaluating its real value or foreseeing the results they may generate during a potential campaign. In the example above, it is likely that the micro-influencer would generate better results than the celebrity, and that they would, therefore, attract more people to your local restaurant. Simply speaking, a trusting, tight-knit, and engaged community created by an influencer with smaller reach can be more valuable than thousands of users casually following a popular profile.

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