Importance of Influencer Marketing

A quick tour of your social media today will bring out many posts about influencer marketing. The hottest fashion shows, the coolest beauty and health products, fitness influencers endorsing sports brands, nearly every brand is endorsed by someone influential.

These posts have irresistibly grabbed your attention and even influenced you to buy something. Chances are you’ve also spread the news to your close friends.

Influencers have fast evolved into an effective and scalable marketing channel that any brand screaming for attention out there, can no longer afford to ignore.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a marketing concept that utilizes important content creators to stimulate serious engagement and conversations around a brand or product to make a “buy” decision.

This is a branch of marketing that revolves around influential people in society as opposed to the target market as a whole, identifies people commanding influence over potential customers and plans marketing activities around these people.

Influence marketing and an influencer are inseparable. An influencer is a highly visible media icon that can have a huge following in both mainstream media and online. Some have millions of followers.

The reason for the rise of influencers is the mass departure of consumers from TV and mainstream media, to social media platforms. In any industry, you’re likely to find influential people. They’re instantly recognized by their thousands, if not millions of followers, and in reality that is the target audience you want your product to reach.

To the visionary digital marketer, the rise of the online media influencer creates a world of enormous possibilities. It creates a new avenue for brands to connect with the target audience instantly and directly and at a large scale.

Here are some reasons influencer marketers have become so important in this digital age:

They have a social appeal

Influencer marketers have a social appeal and magnetism. Society, meaning consumers, has shifted to social media, So it makes sense for your business to follow suit.

In the past, consumers made their buy decisions based on traditional advertisements they gleaned from television or heard on the radio. Today it’s easier to connect with other buyers (read influencer marketers) via social media and make enlightened buying decisions by learning about their experiences with a service or product.

Influencers create quality content

Good quality content is an important marketing tool for any digital campaign.

Influencers are therefore capable of creating superior content that strikes a chord with the consumers, thereby reducing the workload for you.

Influencers are credible and their word is the truth

Another important fact that draws the huge following is their credibility. Influencers are credible and their word is the truth. Many people consider them opinion leaders and follow their every whim, whether sensible or outright crazy.


These days many businesses in the know are avidly engaging influencer marketers and paying them top dollar to sway consumer opinions and tastes. Because they understand building good relationships with them will boost their advocacy or attract them strongly enough to develop a link with your brand.

But getting to select the most influential influencers from the vast ocean of social media users and celebrities can be a daunting experience. This is where our expertise can help your brand connect with the right people.

We can help make your product or service the first name on consumers lips. Contact us today to book a free consultation. 0857529516

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